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Autumn Wellbeing Challenge

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Autumn Wellbeing Challenge

You might have recently returned from a summer holiday and found yourself flexing your language skills. Can you speak another language? Do you know just enough to get by? Or do you speak louder, wave your arms around and hope for the best?

Learning some new words and phrases will have rewired your brain. So this challenge is a chance to continue and rewire your brain 21 times!

There are three versions of the challenge to choose from:

Version 1

Learn to say a word or phrase in a different language every day. There are roughly 6,500 languages spoken in the world. Imagine being able to say ‘hello’ even in 21 of them!

If you could learn just one word or phrase, what would be most useful? Or most fun? RAW advisor Dr Jacqui Wilmshurst, who is currently travelling around Europe in a camper van, says that her most useful phrase in another language is: “I don’t speak much (French/Spanish/Polish/Lithuanian) but I am learning.”

Version 2

Learn to say 21 words or phrases in the language of your choice. If you pick common words and phrases you have more chance of using them. If you know someone who speaks the language you’ve picked, make sure you use your newly learned phrases as often as possible!

You might want to buddy up with someone you know who is a native speaker of another language and teach each other phrases and words, then spend some time practising together.

If you work for an organisation that has clients or contacts in other countries then this is a great version of the challenge to go for!

If you are keen on language learning then this blog has 22 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language. It’s a great resource. (There is swearing on this page so bear that in mind if you find that offensive!)


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