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Are We Downhearted? No!

signpost reading Hope and Despair

Whatever your views on the EU and our membership and exit from it (and there has been a plethora of analysis as to the whys and wherefores of the results which I in no way attempt to join in with) one thing is clear to me. Whatever group, body or club you feel you identify with, they are all made up of people. Human Beings. Every political party, movement or anti-movement consists of them, and as human beings we are a complex lot.

It might be simplistic to say so, but when it comes right down to it, human beings who are in charge of decision making that affects others (all of us!) had better well understand something about what – including human dynamics and relationships – past or present, influence those decisions. When those human beings are in charge of decisions that affect a whole nation, and arguably the rest of the world…

Now, I know it is simplistic to assume that if everyone in a positon of power were willing to delve a little deeper into their own psyches, examine a lot further the beliefs and values they hold in regard to their goals, be prepared to be mutually responsible and accountable and willing to shift and change where needed, the world would be a whole lot better place. I know! But we have to start somewhere and I think it’s fair to say we can’t do it alone.

I’m reminded of the ‘think big, act small, start now’ idea, and that is why I strenuously believe that the concept of Whole Person Learning and Globally Responsible Practice needs now, more than ever, to be shouted about from the highest of places available and to all who can and will listen.

Leadership starts from, and comes from within. Being leaders of our own lives and in our roles and careers is something we can all aspire to and be willing to meet the challenges of. Globally Responsible Leadership doesn’t have to be about becoming Prime Minister (but I would hope it becomes a requirement in that role). I’m in no doubt it is a challenge, but with the will and the support of our peers, it is possible.

Oasis have been involved in developing this profoundly simple and complex notion in most of our work of the last 25 years or so. In 2004 we became founding partners of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) in order to, in some small way, find practical ways of applying our approach to effect change, working with the leaders of the future. It found expression in Whole Person Learning and this approach continues to be the essence of our work and is what attracts people to partner with us in development processes, of which leadership programmes are a critical element.

So, I am going to shout about it. If you want an experience of the Whole Person Learning approach in action with a focus on leaderful development, find out more about our flagship programme Real Leaders. Hundreds of individuals and dozens of organisations have benefited from it and continue to apply their learning in real life to contribute to sustainable change.Save