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Accreditation awarded to Coaching and Mentoring programme

Association for Coaching Accredited Certificate in Coach Training

The leading-edge programme puts the development of participants at the centre of the programme, so as well as learning coaching tools and skills, they develop themselves to work with others one-to-one, creating real change and real relationships.

Accreditation recognises that the programme is based on the AC Coaching Competency Framework and the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors. This code of ethics sets the expectation of best practice in coaching and mentoring and promotes the development of coaching and mentoring excellence.

Feedback from the assessors included: “Modules are well-structured and incorporate a blended learning approach which includes theory, practical application, group discussion and supervision.

“It is clear from the references that the participants have appreciated and benefitted from the structure and content of the course.”

Participant Kathryn Winterburn said: “I recommend this programme very highly. The Oasis programme emphasises the power (and therefore responsibility) of the one-to-one relationship. Through the integral practice within the sessions and deep reflection I was able to take my experience from just cognitive learning to a deeper multi-dimensional understanding. The process integrates what is going on at the rational and emotional level and requires participants to confront themselves in the process. In my experience the result is that when working with clients it is more genuinely peer based (working with).”

And Anna Jaques, HR Director, Bettys & Taylors Group, added: “I have gained a new set of tools, techniques, skills and experiences that not only enabled me to be an effective, competent coach; the new learning makes me a better HR Director. I’ve learned a lot about myself, enabling me to be more confident as a person, as a parent and as a friend. The training I’ve had has had immense benefit to me which I will feel for a life time.”

The assessors also noted that Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul well exceeds the minimum number of hours required for class-based training and the requirement for observed sessions. It includes a varied selection of coaching approaches and models, and incorporates robust feedback and supervision, and rigorous and robust assessment and evaluation processes.

The Association for Coaching is a global organisation with a growing reputation. It was established in 2002 and is a leading independent and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.

As an inclusive body, with members in over 60 countries, it is made up of professional coaches, academic institutions, trainers and providers of coaching, as well as sponsors of coaching from the third sector through to large corporates, building coaching cultures.

We’d like to thank Carole-Ann Jones for all her hard work on our accreditation application.

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