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Coaching for Third Sector Leaders - The Oasis Foundation Coaching Bursary Scheme 2023 – 2024

Each year the Oasis Foundation is committed to supporting  a small number of leaders from Third Sector Organisations, who are focussed on Social Change and Social Justice, and are committed to the development of their organisations, their practice and themselves.

The Oasis Foundation has now opened its 2023/24 invitation for 8 leaders to have 12 hours of fully supported leader development with experienced Whole Person coaches from Oasis Human Relations

The  offer remains open during 2023-2024, until all places are filled. Find out more, and apply HERE 


Sustainable Wellbeing Environment Network (SWEN)

This is a new initiative developed by climate campaigner Jo Musker-Sherwood, to set up an organisation to support people working in the environmental sector that are under pressure and risk of burnout because of the nature of the work done. A proposal was brought to the Foundation to provide facilitation support for a 6-month consultation period, and  1 year pilot period to establish the Network. The trustees agreed to fund an executive coach to work one to one with Jo and also to facilitate the group that was advising Jo on shaping the new organisation.

SWEN is now up and running, and an account of their journey, ‘Working Well in a Climate Crisis’ , is available on the SWEN website HERE

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Forging a framework for daily activism at Migrant Action, Leeds

Based in Leeds, Migrant Action is a grassroots, rights and justice based organisation that works with migrant communities to provide direct support for individuals, and to continue activism for transformational structural and policy change. The Oasis Foundation has a close relationship with Migrant Action and has provided support for the past 3 years, more recently to assist them to develop a sustainable approach to their future. 

Further insight into the work of Migrant Action, and the relationship with Oasis can be found in an introduction HERE and more detail HERE.

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Facilitation Skills for student change agents at oikos international

The Foundation has been supporting oikos international on a three-year basis to create innovative approaches to find its mission in the world. Oikos is a global organisation run by students who are deeply committed to a fairer, more environmentally responsible world.

A facilitation skills programme was held with the Oasis Foundation’s Chris Taylor in 2020 involving seven international student leaders. The aim was to develop their skills and abilities to facilitate meetings, programmes and workshops on issues to do with sustainability, global responsibility and responding the climate and ecological emergency.

We are grateful for the support of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative for this programme.

Global leaders event

Facing the Future … a Rites of Passage workshop for young global leaders

This initiative was another outcome of the long-standing partnerships between our Project Director, Chris Taylor, and oikos international. Following a number of workshops in 2021 to shape the initiative, in April 2022, Chris and another facilitator spent 4 days with 15 of the oikos team (paid and volunteers) to work with young people at a point in their lives where they are ready to consider what their adult life might be for. The cost of holding the event was shared between a donation from the Foundation and oikos.

The Rite of Passage took place in Biofalu eco-village in Hungary. Participants worked on the land, and were guided through a structured yet emergent process of deep reflection.

Global leaders event

Windsor Leadership Dialogue

The Foundation provides co- facilitation of the Windsor Leadership Dialogue held annually at Windsor Castle, bringing together 30 leaders from government, third sector, armed forces, business and community into a confidential space to explore and inquire into the emerging questions facing leadership, self and society. With the support of Oasis Human Relations, one of our Trustees is the Chair of the Custodian Group of the Annual Windsor Castle Leadership Dialogue. You can see more on the Windsor Leadership Dialogue HERE 


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New Approaches, New Questions – Prefigurative Social Action Inquiry

A three year initiative with a threefold ambition:

  • To enable Social Action Inquiry Scotland to benefit from a rhythmical process engaging others in the wider system as critical friends to engender reflection and learning
  • To develop an informal learning community reflecting the voices of applied practitioners, pioneers, funders, researchers, social change agents and communicators.
  • To benefit the wider system by capturing and disseminating the direct and indirect learning that will arise from working together as peers inquiring into prefigurative social action.



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Unimaginable Futures & Courageous Conversations

Following Oasis research about navigating societal and environmental collapse which was made available online, four sessions of ‘courageous conversations’ were held with global business and academic leaders in 2022 year, facilitated by Chris and Lana Jelenjev, a freelance facilitator. These have been well received and another four are planned for over the coming year with additional funding provided by GRLI and an advisory group/sounding board to represent the voices from the Global South and staying edgy and courageous.

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