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Learning from Women to reimagine the future

We provided seed funding and being a speaking partner for the start-up of a new initiative led by two Brazilian women living in London and collaborating with women leaders from across the world. They were working in their own time to launch Learning From Women, an initiative which gathers and shares inspiring stories from women in the Global South.

Over 2 years, 5 strong, inspiring women from five different countries – Peru, Kenya, Brazil, Egypt and India,  – shared their stories on camera via YouTube and social media. 

Conversations to explore how to build on this have taken place but have been put on hold as one of the project leads has become Co-CEO of The Womanity Foundation.

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Coaching Bursaries for Ballet Black

Ballet Black is a professional ballet company that celebrates dancers of Black and Asian descent. Founded in 2001,  they have worked to change the landscape of classical ballet through performances, Junior School and outreach programmes.

When the Covid pandemic led to lock-downs in 2020, their young dancers were left isolated and unable to work, so their director appealed to the Foundation for support. We provided 1-1 counselling for 8 Ballet Black dancers and continued the support into the following year.

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Coaching Forward

Led by Oasis Associate Sarah Bryson, Coaching Forward aimed to provide low cost coaching support for entrepreneurs and small start-up businesses in Yorkshire and the North whose values align with the Oasis values, provided on a pay it forward basis. It was decided initially to begin with 12 pro-bono hours of coaching for up to 8 beneficiaries.

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Greening Gresham – the Middlesbrough project

In conjunction with our long term partners at Northstar Housing Group we initiated a radical and ambitious plan to regenerate one of Britain’s most deprived neighbourhoods. Gresham, in the heart of Middlesbrough town was ranked in the 1% poorest wards in England and has a multitude of social problems including drug abuse, prostitution, poor educational prospects and low quality housing.

The project brought together urban food growing, community cohesion, an emerging housing collective and community creative arts. All organised by local people, living or working in the neighbourhood of Gresham. During 2019 we organised 100 community activities. These included a weekly gardening club, setting up several community allotments, beautifying a derelict area behind local shops, community meals, alley make-overs, and meditation groups.




Peerworks was an annual residential retreat for social organisations and charities to reconnect and explore the realities and dynamics of peer working within social change organisations. Our sixth annual PEERworks residential was held in October 2018. This brought together a range of social purpose organisations who are working to foster distributed power and whole person approaches to their organisations. We learnt from each other, deepening our understanding of the potential and rewards of this approach.

The gathering was also used the launch of the PEERworks handbook, which can be downloaded HERE



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