Oasis Foundation publications support our work to encourage positive social change and social justice through applied Whole Person Learning approaches.

PEERworks is a practical and informative guide to new ways of working that help distribute power and share decision making.

Based on a five year inquiry into peer-based models across a range of organisations, this manual covers the challenges that arise, provides tools and techniques and gives case studies of organisations in the transition to a more collaborative way of managing.

Download a free pdf of PEERworks.

Highlighting the necessity for connecting with each other in ways that make a difference – ways that allow the soul to flourish – exploring effective oneness, moving from ‘I’ to ‘we’ and the global dimension.

Steps to an Ecology of Soul is published with the support of the Oasis Foundation.

PDF e-copies are available for free download. Hard copies are available by contacting the Oasis office on 01937 541700.