Coaching Forward


You’ve started a socially responsible business.  You have those high days when you smash that all important meeting meeting and then some low days when you realise that you are the person in charge – you are it, and everything/everyone is reliant on you to make it all work.  But, hang on a minute, who is looking out for you…?

You are the most important asset your business has.  A coach can help you develop by giving you protected time to clarify your thinking, raise awareness of how you are doing, and help you uncover ways to make your life and your work into what you want them to be.  But when you’re just getting started, you don’t always have the time nor the resources to invest in yourself.

COACHING FORWARD is FREE coaching support up front when you need it.

You will be able to access 12 hours of coaching support for FREE when you need it.  In return, when your business is thriving, you commit to paying an amount between £360 – £1,000 into the Oasis Foundation – a self-sustaining system that ensures future business founders like you have access to the same coaching support when they’re starting out too.

What is a social enterprise or a socially responsible business?

The world is changing rapidly, with a rising awareness of social responsibility – the need to have some responsibility for the world around us, OUR world, and people who run a social enterprise/socially responsible business work with a moral mindset.  Social enterprise or socially responsible entrepreneurs have chosen to adopt business models that put positive social impact at the heart of their activities.

To keep things simple, for the purposes of this application, we will use the term “business” to include both “social enterprise” and “socially responsible” organisations.

What does a Pay it Forward approach mean and how does COACHING FORWARD work?

Pay it Forward means that you give something back in the future, as part of your ongoing socially responsible mindset.  You will be able to access 12 hours of coaching support for FREE when you need it.  In return, when your business is thriving, you commit to paying an amount between £360 – £1,000 into the Oasis Foundation. Your money will be ring-fenced and used to support future social enterprise/socially responsible entrepreneurs. We recognise that once launched, some businesses do not thrive and unfortunately have to fold.  Pay it Forward is therefore not a contractual obligation.

What is developmental coaching?

Developmental coaching is the type of coaching you will receive.  It is valuable time spent with a trained, experienced coach who will help you bring more of yourself to the questions you are tackling in order to help you flourish and have real confidence in your work, grow your business and sustain yourself whilst running your business.

Coaching approaches are vital to unlocking individual potential and empowering performance and sustainability. Our distinctive Whole Person approach gives attention to the unique ways people think, feel and make sense of their world. We work collaboratively alongside you, to enable you to create your own answers to the challenges you face.

Is COACHING FORWARD right for me?

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, then you are a social enterprise entrepreneur/socially responsible business and COACHING FORWARD might be right for you:

  1. From the definition we have outlined, would you say you have set up and run a social enterprise/socially responsible business?  YES/NO
  2. Would you say our social enterprise/socially responsible business is in it’s early stages (up to three years old)?  YES/NO
  3. From the description we have outlined, do you think you may benefit from some developmental coaching?  YES/NO
  4. Would you be happy to agree to putting something back in financially from the Pay it Forward arrangement outlines?  YES/NO

How to apply

This initiative enables you to access 12 hours of FREE 121 coaching support from a highly skilled coach. You will need to meet certain criteria to access this support and your eligibility will be assessed using a questionnaire to find out more about you and your business. For any questions, or for a discussion about your suitability for Coaching Forward contact Sarah Bryson on

Applications are now open. Please click the link below to apply.  Once your application has been submitted, you will receive an acknowledgement that it has been received and details on the next steps.

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