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Working with London Emergencies Trust

London Emergencies Trust Letter
London Emergencies Trust

The trust is a UK charity with its origins in the London Bombings Relief Charitable Fund (from 2005). It has been active again since the Westminster Bridge attacks in 2017 and has been key to distributing public donations to people bereaved and injured in the Grenfell Tower fire and terrorist attacks.

Grenfell Tower was on a different scale from previous incidents, with multiple funders and donors, over £8 million to distribute, 72 fatalities, 70 people injured and many more made homeless. The trust has been operating in a difficult, complex environment with huge logistical challenges. They say: “Without the support of funders, charities, business, and individuals, LET would not have been able to achieve what it has.

“During 2017 LET relied heavily on the kindness, goodwill and generosity of a number of organisations and individuals including the Oasis School of Human Relations.”

The trust’s work will be scaled back from this month, having made grants totalling more than £11million. We are proud to have supported them during this time.