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Work in Brussels: Innovation Cohort & EFMD Conference

Claire Maxwell

Co-Director Claire Maxwell represented Oasis at the EFMD Annual Conference and the Innovation Cohort last month. She ran a very successful workshop and helped facilitate the Innovation Cohort dialogue.

EFMD Annual Conference

The EFMD Annual Conference: Impact, Passion and Creativity in Learning was a generous host to an Oasis workshop – Whole Person Learning in the land of energy, enterprise and spirit.

The workshop, well attended by wonderfully engaged and creative participants including Charles Handy, a keynote speaker at the Conference, provided a participative journey into bringing a Whole Person Learning (WPL) approach to a University for Astronautical and Aeronautical students in China.

Claire Maxwell shared something of the thinking behind WPL and the risks and joys of introducing such a highly participative process to students more used to traditional methods of teaching and learning.

Based on the maxim of ‘tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn’, Claire and her colleague Chris Taylor reconnected the students with ancient core values and how holding these close to the heart can affect decision making and action in the 21st century.

The Innovation Cohort 2015

Ten representatives from internationally renowned business and Business Schools from around the world also gathered in Brussels for the 2015 Innovation Cohort ‘Conversation Starter’.

Co-designed and facilitated by Oasis in collaboration with the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), the Innovation Cohort convenes a worldwide network of peers to prototype and pilot globally responsible, sustainable and unique activity in the world of businesses and business schools who want to ensure the next generation have a world to inhabit.

A follow up session in New York ensured a further group of pioneering individuals joined with the 2014 Cohort participants to hear and explore how developing a Whole Person approach can stimulate and deliver innovative thinking and practice in complex times.

The next Innovation Cohort starts in Barcelona in October.

For more information about the work GRLI do, please take a look at the website.