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The collaborative way to building organisational resilience and wellbeing

Engage Summer

“We enjoy being part of the dynamic and progressive collective that Oasis have enabled with the RAW network. Expert guidance and workshops with other organisations have helped us to identify where we are in our journey and shape our future strategy.” Heidi Garthwaite, Engage

Photos by: https://www.instagram.com/tomjoyphoto

The challenge

At Engage Interactive, we’d successfully encouraged our team to improve their physical health via our Elympics project and wanted to expand our efforts to encompass Whole Person wellbeing.

We’re a close knit team and hadn’t experienced many issues, however, we hoped to create a wellness strategy which would support us through challenges. We were excited to join the Oasis RAW Network; a collective of like-minded organisations, forming a committee exploring wellbeing in our respective industries.

The approach

The most unique aspect of the RAW network is, without a doubt, the opportunity to share with other businesses; learning from each other about what is and isn’t working and, seizing the current energy of the wellbeing zeitgeist. Resilience and Wellbeing is a wide-ranging topic so investing the time in refining our shared purpose is key and invaluable in focussing perspective.

Steered by Jen and Lise’s expertise and gentle guidance, we’ve been able to investigate thoughtfully and progressively. In particular, the RAW model has been very useful in helping us to identify where we are in our own company journey and how to approach our next steps. Combined with the five elements of Whole Person wellbeing, it’s still facilitating our orientation as we move forwards.

The results

We’ve made some headway into shaping a philosophy in line with our company vision and taking action, trying ideas (with the freedom to fail) and aiming to raise awareness within the company of the importance of resilience, adaptability and wellbeing at work.

We sought input from our team around how we could best support them and implemented their suggestions for company-funded yoga classes, nutritious food and health workshops.

We’ve also trained workplace Mental Health First Aiders.  All on top of the work we’re already doing around our culture and supporting our leadership team and managers.

Through sharing our resilience, adaptability and wellbeing developments, we’ve made meaningful improvements in how we support our team.

How to join the RAW Network

If your organisation would like to know more about the RAW network, the wider benefits and how to join, click the link below or email lise@oasishumanrelations.org.uk