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Claire Maxwell

Claire, Associate Director of the Oasis School of Human Relations, takes the baton from Dennis Hanno, the President of Wheaton College, Illinois, USA.

“We are delighted that Claire has agreed to take up the position as chair of this vibrant movement for globally responsible leadership,” says John North, managing director of the GRLI. “Before her appointment, Claire served as both a director of the GRLI Foundation and a member of our much-cherished Guardians, so she is uniquely qualified to guard the GRLI’s global mandate and guide our future actions.”

The GRLI is a global network of over 50 companies and business schools, supported by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) as well as the United Nations Global Compact. It works to promote ethical, values-based leadership for economic and societal progress and sustainable development.

Oasis was one of the pioneering founders of the GRLI and has a long-term commitment to contributing, particularly in relation to shaping and developing leaders for the future through the promotion and practice of Whole Person Learning.

Claire is widely regarded as a specialist in the Whole Person change processes, corporate culture, workplace leadership, whole organisation interventions, relationships and wellbeing. In her work with Oasis she actively applies these skills, designing, developing and delivering leadership programmes, strategic visioning processes and other learning and development processes for organisations of all sizes.

As Chair of the GRLI, Claire will oversee both the work of the Board of Trustees and the Guardian Group. She was the founding chair of the Guardians from its inception.

Claire says: “In my role as the chair of the GRLI I will be encouraging and promoting collaboration in the landscape of global responsibility and working to create closer connections and synergies with all those who wish to promote global responsibility. I will protect and promote the principles of ‘I, we, all us’, and ‘being the best for the world, not in the world’.”

She added: “I’ll be working with the Board and the core team to further develop the strategic direction of the GRLI over the next three years given the challenging global context in which we are operating and the changing relationship to global responsibility. More than ever before, there is a need for committed groups of human beings who believe in these principles and this kind of practice to stand together. It is hard to do on your own but collectively it is possible for us to have a sustainable impact for the better.”

Says Dennis Hanno: “The GRLI has never been better positioned to influence the global dialogue on responsible management and leadership, and Claire Maxwell is the right person to lead the organization forward as it tackles the important issues we face.

“Claire’s leadership role within The Oasis School of Human Relations has provided her with deep insight into both organizational and individual development. She has already used her expertise in these areas in her role as the Chair of the Council of Partners of the GRLI to help create path-breaking initiatives on corporate and individual responsibility.”

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