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MSc Sustainable Cities


Oasis has partnered with the University of Leeds to offer an MSc in Sustainable Cities.

Cities across the world are facing huge sustainability challenges. While mayors and city governments pledge ‘zero carbon cities’ by 2040, a serious skills shortage means a new generation of sustainability leaders is needed.

The MSc Sustainable Cities tackles this skills shortage by equipping students with the knowledge and tools necessary to become an urban sustainability leader. The programme blends concepts and theories with real world problems and solutions to give first-hand experience of urban sustainability.

Taking a ‘systems’ approach, participants will learn about energy systems, transport networks, housing provision, and urban ecosystems to discover how to transform these systems for better economic, environmental, and social outcomes. This course will see students graduate into city government, consultancy, NGO’s and beyond.

Oasis will deliver modules in collaborative leadership using Whole Person Learning, to enable students to bring more of themselves to their lives, work and communities.

Other highlights include a residential field trip to the Centre for Alternative Technologies in Wales to work on practical issues of sustainability.

Each student will have a personal leadership plan tailored to their strengths and development needs to build their leadership confidence.

Teaching is by cutting-edge academics drawing on their expertise in a range of fields such as critical approaches to urban development , energy use and low carbon societiesself-repairing citiestransport issuessocial justice, cities, citizenship and sustainable urban mobility planning. This programme benefits from the direct teaching input of members of the C40 global network for climate leadership.

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