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How to create a magical space and place to learn

Oasis Foyer

In our work we often talk about the importance of space and environment, particularly in relation to creating the optimum conditions in which to work together.   It’s not always possible to find a quiet and light filled room, free of distractions and with comfortable seating for a group or one to one meeting.  I inwardly groan every time I enter a room with a large Board Room set up but recognise that these often go with the territory in organisational life.  We work with what is and adjust as much as possible what can be adjusted.

Oasis Foyer

Copright of McFade Photography

What a joy it has been to take on the challenge of the second phase refurbishment of the Oasis Centre.  A joy because it has allowed free range – within some financial limits – to pick and choose, blend (and spend!) to create an overall feel and aesthetic for our home, taking into account the experience we have of what’s needed from an environment to work well with others.   A challenge because of the very same things and the sense of responsibility that comes with it, alongside the demands of project managing the work and timescales involved in bringing it all together whilst keeping the Centre open.

There have been some unexpected blips (including ceilings to be rebuilt!) and a lot of understanding from the staff group and some of our clients in the mess of the transformation process.  Unanticipated consequences of choices that I still need to find ways of addressing.

Overall though it has been a happy transformation and a further reinforcement of my love of Art and design its place in the expression of what it is to be human.   A reinforcement too of the essential role of a speaking partner, a coach, mentor or advisor has in bringing a vision to mind and to fruition and I’m grateful to Mary Godfrey this time around for her experience and design flair and of course Joao Ribeiro for the implementation!

I would like to think that what has been achieved is an enhancement of the place we call home and the space it creates to do the work – still an Oasis.

Marion Ragaliauskas


Take a look at our before, throughout and after shots:

Montage of before and after photos from Oasis centre refurbishment


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