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Event: Improving Organisational Development

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Some of the questions we’ll be working with include:

  • How do we ensure programmes, projects and inputs successfully impact our people, teams and organisation?
  • How do we stay at the leading edge of OD thinking and practice that addresses a volatile, emerging and unpredictable future?
  • What more can I do to help others understand the role of OD in addressing my organisation’s challenges and questions?
  • How do we make choices that go beyond our short-term needs and provide for effective, sustainable development?

The Community of Practice for OD practitioners will blend facilitated supervision, peer-based learning, individual-focused development and inspiring practice. We will pursue opportunities to learn through experiential, improvisational, participative and co-creative approaches.

The open session is free. Contact Charlotte to book a place or call 01937 541700. Or you can book through Eventbrite.

You can also read more about Improving Organisational Development and download a brochure.