Sonia Mayor


Sonia has a real interest in how people think, talk and listen to each other. Her work has largely brought diverse groups of people together with differing views and backgrounds to help them to work more effectively.

Sonia Mayor

She has championed the voices of children in care, black minority ethnic communities and women experiencing domestic violence, winning a commendation for her work in this field.

She now predominately works across education, health and social care settings focusing on reflective supervision, team dynamics and restorative leadership. She is increasingly supporting senior and middle managers who are working in an environment of doing ‘more for less’ with an expectation to deliver high quality services. A key aspect of her work is to create a space for clients to slow down and inquire into their working practice. She believes it is only possible to question our thinking and opinions in a safe space to enable learning at sufficient depth.

She provides one-to-one and group supervision, facilitation and training. She also has experience as an independent trainer in the fields of Safeguarding, Serious Case Reviews, Supervision and Child Protection. Previously, she worked as a Consultant Clinical Supervisor for an NHS evidence-based Restorative Clinical Supervision Programme shown to be effective in reducing stress, and increasing compassion.

She has held leadership roles in housing, children’s policy, workforce reform and safeguarding, working locally, regionally and nationally in the UK for public sector organisations and government departments.

Her educational background in Social Policy and Psychology sparked an interest in how social forces inter-relate and drive behaviour. Later training in client-centred counselling, hypnotherapy, supervision, facilitation, energy psychotherapy and more recently in Affect Dysregulation, Survival Defences, and Traumatic Memory with Janina Fisher, one of the world’s leaders in the field of Sensorimotor Training.

Some of the projects Sonia has initiated include:

  • Developing a catchment-based approach to water quality regulation, facilitated workshop – United Utilities, Environment Agency
  • Facilitating engagement around the health needs of injured veterans – Royal British Legion, Department of Health, Ministry of Defence
  • Designing and delivering a Mentoring Programme for Social Work Managers – Bradford City Council
  • A Restorative Leadership Programme for Middle Managers in Children’s Services – Gloucestershire County Council
  • Peer Supervision Programme for Health Care staff for Suffolk County Council
  • Reflective Supervision Programme for Head Teachers for Gateshead Academy
  • Facilitating a dialogue between young care leavers and senior civil servants on the Care Matters agenda – Department for Education
  • Researching into the housing needs of BME communities – Wakefield City Council.