Sustainable Project Development

Sustainable Project Development

Organisations increasingly face a greater pace of change as they learn how to adapt to challenges both locally and globally.

New strategies and approaches are needed and once these are formed, effective delivery is required. Implementing change inevitably involves a great deal of project working.

At times a new paradigm is called for to address new challenges and levels of uncertainty and unpredictability. It is here we know we excel.

Regrettably, organisations are often ineffective at project delivery despite the huge growth in ‘project management’ as a discipline.

Reasons for this can include lack of vision, resourcing, team-working, skills or depth of approach.

A deeper approach to leading and managing projects

We are working with individuals and organisations who grasp that projects benefit from a deeper, more holistic, approach, delivering more sustainable results. This includes equipping those involved to ensure:

  • Clarity of vision and ‘fit’ with overall plan for Organisational Development
  • Understanding of the importance of relationships in effective team-working and stakeholder engagement
  • Enough time is spent shaping the project before rushing to the implementation stage
  • Understanding of the relationship between project leadership and project management
  • Challenges are faced and strategies developed for when the projects get ‘stuck’
  • A focus on delivering change which is sustainable and does not require ‘fixing’ or re-visiting within months of implementation.

An applied human relations approach

Oasis brings an applied and proven human relations approach that supports Sustainable Project Development:

  • Review of current project status with sponsors to examine expected outcomes in the context of the vision and the constitution of the project team
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement to build will and commitment
  • Application of processes and skills of the Seven Stage Model for developing the project team and project delivery
  • Project team coaching and one-to-one support to project managers
  • Facilitation of project meetings to provide support and feedback to the project managers and project sponsors
  • Interventions on request in the event of potential project break down
  • Working with the emergent questions and initiating the important conversations that can harness energy for effective change and sustainability.

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