Organisational Health Checks


At Oasis we value whole person working. It is at the heart of all we do.

From our long experience we understand that many employers want to promote a culture where their employees have enough resilience to withstand the demands of their workload, where a work-life balance exists and where people feel valued.

In order to work effectively employees need to be in and to help create an environment where wellbeing flourishes.

We can help you assess the wellbeing in your organisation using a tried and tested diagnostic and help you work out, make and manage the changes that will create real impact.

How we can help your organisation

Our bespoke organisational health checks help you get to the bottom of circumstances that may be causing ill health, stress and sickness absence.

We can then design an intervention to make changes – through a blend of organisational development, one-to-one development, mentoring, employee support or mediation.

We can help you:

  • understand how wellbeing lives in your organisation
  • assess the psychological health of your workforce, using the HSE Management Standards Approach
  • identify the causes of work-related stress and work to address these causes
  • put in place monitoring processes
  • develop a culture of responsibility rather than compliance
  • provide training to address wellbeing issues.

Organisations need to understand what causes distress in their workforce, to assess the risk to employees and make changes wherever possible to reduce the ill effects of work-related stress.

Ongoing assessment and monitoring brings about a shared understanding of what causes difficulties at work and how they can be managed.

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To find out more about what we can offer you and your organisation contact Lise Ribeiro on 01937 541700 or use the contact form.

Benefits of an Organisational Health Check

Early intervention by putting in the right support mechanisms, identifying and tackling issues as they arise can help you:

  • reduce sickness absence and stress levels – prevent people going off sick, bring them back earlier, prevent unnecessary escalation and minimise reoccurrence
  • improve staff retention and effectiveness
  • comply with government legislation on employee wellbeing
  • deal with the impact of redundancies on staff – those staying as well as leaving
  • deal with changes in management style with a shared and agreed approach.

Oasis can help you be a great place to work.

The benefit of the depth of the diagnostic enabled us to think about what we wanted to be like as an organisation. This made us move toward what we wanted to develop to become that organisation.

Carole RichardsonAssistant Director of Housing, North Star Housing Group

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To find out more about what we can offer you and your organisation contact Lise Ribeiro on 01937 541700 or use the contact form.