Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Innovative organisational development approaches enable engaged, participative and collaborative change.

With our support you and your organisation can work towards:

  • Finding fresh points of view that can lead to new and better ways of doing things
  • Thriving in a world that is becoming more and more complex and fast-changing
  • Addressing staff and supplier concerns so they feel supported and energised
  • Addressing customer and community expectations so they feel you are working with them
  • Identifying and working with unsolvable dilemmas and paradoxes so you don’t feel stuck and frustrated.

A partnership process

Organisational development with Oasis is a partnership process where we help you engage with the key elements in your organisation while focusing on the ongoing management of change and longer-term sustainability.

Oasis works with the whole system. This includes:

  • People, their potential and their relationships.
  • Providing support to establish and embed new organisational cultures. For example, fostering partnership and co-working, developing self and peer strategies and assessment, shifting from hierarchy to mesh approaches, and developing evaluation methodologies including collaborative supervision, appraisal and accountability processes.
  • Recognising the critical nature of shared purpose, core processes, values and resources – aligning these strategic aspects with applied models and frameworks to work with the whole organisation.
  • Honouring, and finding ways to enhance, the immense contribution that finding meaning beyond profit makes on the health and sustainability of organisations, individuals and the planet.

Oasis has been courageous and bold, never wavering from its purpose, and for me the ‘experiment’ has been hugely successful. The business is stronger and richer as a result; meaningful relations, trust, and honesty prevail, and I don’t know how this could have been achieved without the support and guidance of Oasis. Their people orientation, insightfulness, and ability to find solutions to complex issues are unique in my experience – there are simply no other alternatives for me.

Angela LockwoodCEO, North Star Housing Group

Our approach to Organisational Development

Our practitioners work with levels of uncertainty and unpredictability that go beyond any norms. We respect, and when necessary challenge, your sense of safety and comfort. For example:

  • We listen at a deep level to understand. In short we get under the skin of our client organisations.
  • We work with unanswered and ‘wicked’ questions across sectors, geography and human diversity.
  • We are committed to exploring with our clients solutions beyond the either/or, possibly considering a ‘transcendent third’.
  • We can help you nurture deep leadership and more agile management capacity; develop internal mentors; discover applied approaches to complexity and chaos; design collaborative, co-creative research to explore your questions; and design projects and programmes.

Organisational Development with Oasis is grounded in a human relations approach that supports practices that enhance opportunities for human development and ultimately the long-term effectiveness of the organisation. It combines an understanding of the dynamics of organisational phases, structures and systems, with the people involved and the work they do.

How we work

Our clients tell us we are different to other consultancies – that’s in a good way! – yet often deeply challenging.

  • We help key personnel extend their comfort zone by facing and working with their emergent and often uncomfortable questions, learning from failure as well as success, designing and prototyping alternative ways of working.
  • We understand there are no quick fixes in developing continuous and sustained improvements to ways of working and thinking if you are operating in an ever-changing and uncertain climate.
  • We are eclectic and seasoned professionals working with leading edge theory and experience.
  • We provide individual and collective spaces to create development in a time-hungry world.

Our work often involves a long-term and trusted relationship with our clients – a working partnership of mutual regard and respect. By getting involved over time, people’s resources and resolve are strengthened, results can be embedded and the ramifications of change can be incorporated within the organisation’s strategic direction. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution, we respond to the content and context of the working environment. At our core we specialise in making sense of the worlds we work within and harnessing the wisdom held within organisations.

Our experienced consultants and facilitators have designed, managed and facilitated whole organisational development interventions. They include:

  • Renewing organisational purposes and directions
  • Building collaborative leadership and creating participative cultures
  • Organisational redesign, review, audit, analysis and systems renewal
  • Changing culture and managing critical transitions
  • Developing governance approaches and capability
  • Strategic assessments, thinking and practice fit for the 21st century
  • Developing people, processes and projects.

Our work with you is designed to suit the needs of your organisation and the individuals and teams within it. We also bring a depth of understanding about the shadow sides of organisational life and the skills to work with it.

Other services to support organisational development include one-to-one development, team formation and development, conflict facilitation and resolution, workforce development and individual wellbeing. We can also help with equipping boards and guiding governance.

With your help we have overcome our challenges as a team. Since we returned from the residential staff morale is excellent, teamwork is brilliant and our clients are getting the best care possible. I know this would not have been possible without the exceptional facilitation and leadership.

Yasmin KhanDirector, Staying Put

The Oasis Organisational Development Team

Oasis is a founding partner of global and UK-based leadership initiatives. We work in partnership through these communities with over 70 global companies and international business schools and we have published international materials on Whole Person Learning and collaboration.

Global pioneers in the application of Whole Person Learning, we offer a highly effective and challenging approach for anyone engaged in the development of their self, people or organisation.

We have a successful track record over 30 years helping people and organisations to make sense of their world, develop themselves and their future.

The Oasis approach is based on working with human relations issues in a live way, whether as part of a learning process or as part of the work we do in organisations.

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