People and Organisations


Everyone has the internal resources to become more effective in their life and work, if given the right support and development opportunities.

By bringing more of your whole self to work – whether that’s by recognising personal issues that are causing blocks in your effective performance; growing your role to reflect your skills and interests; acknowledging the effect of external pressures and stresses on your work; or striving for work/life balance – you can improve effectiveness, efficiency and wellbeing.

Focusing on organisational and personal health – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual – can have an impact at all levels.

Oasis offers organisational health checks and improvements to wellbeing and performance by developing executives and managers as individuals or as a team, working out personal issues and supporting staff at times of stress.

Employees seek organisations that value the health and wellbeing of their people, and this in return will reap rewards for organisations looking to attract and retain the best talent.

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Organisational Development

Organisational Development

Innovative organisational development approaches can enable engaged, participative and collaborative change.

One-to-One Development

One-to-One Development

External developers working with executives, managers and leaders to help you bring more of your self to the questions you are tackling

Sustainable Project Development

Sustainable Project Development

Oasis works with individuals and organisations who grasp that projects benefit from a deeper, more holistic, approach, delivering more sustainable results.

How is Oasis different?

We have an international reputation for the depth and breadth of our work and research in human relations practice.

Our applied, collaborative, human relations approach places the person at the centre of their own learning, empowering them to own their ongoing self-development.

We build and maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We work in partnership with you to develop your organisation and your people, reducing your reliance on external support.

When we work with you, we start with your questions, your challenges and your aims for the future. Beginning from where you are, rather than from a prescribed starting point, encourages engagement and enables you to discover freely your motivations, needs and priorities. Yet, as context shapes everything, you are able to take advantage of our deep understanding of the complex range of human, political and structural forces acting on those working in organisations.

And, as we take full account of the actual life-work context in which you operate, your learning and growth are grounded in everyday applicability, giving meaningful and sustainable results.

Underlying the process is a rigorous proprietary framework, the Oasis Seven Stage Model for Effective Relationships. This model has been tried and tested with tens of thousands of people in a wide range of sectors.

Oasis has been supporting and developing people in organisations since the 1980s. Our close-knit, skilled, receptive and friendly team offers a range of responses based on our experience of what works.

How we can help you

We offer a bespoke blend of interventions including one-to-one development, wellbeing diagnostics, employee counselling, mentoring and coaching, mediation and conflict resolution. We can also offer organisational development interventions including team development, longer-term leadership development programmes and short-term programmes.
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