One of the longest running transpersonal learning communities in the UK...

Bryce set out to inquire into what was being called for in the world – leading him to new networks in the field of consciousness and spiritual emergence. The transpersonal was a passion throughout his life and Bryce established one of the longest running transpersonal learning communities in the UK, if not the world.

Spoken by Nick Ellerby at Bryce’s funeral

The Transpersonal Learning Community (TLC) was an ongoing inquiry group which met from 1997 until 2011.

It came together from requests from Oasis workshops and diploma courses for a more in-depth study of the transpersonal and spiritual influence in everyone’s lives.

It explored the inner life of those involved as well as providing a space for individuals to extend their transpersonal experiences collaboratively and collectively.

The community arose out of the first Oasis Transpersonal Diploma and built upon the format of a Co-operative Inquiry model of shared decision making; agenda planning; reviewing and reflecting.

It was a self-directing peer group with, through Bryce in particular, a continuing association with Oasis.

The group met for 20 days over the year, with weekends and residential time together, plus longer transpersonal learning journeys abroad, including visits to Cyprus, Italy and the USA.

During these visits members of the group worked with John Heron, Eric Cassirer, Daniel Santos and Jim Oliver.

A group with a deep commitment to the inner life

The group had a deep commitment to its own interpersonal life and its emerging transpersonal understanding.

The focus was on how individuals working in the world with a dedicated commitment to the inner life can share their differences, overcome their conflicts and explore the vast realms of the transpersonal together.

The group was the subject of one research study and individuals contributed to the research of a number of people looking at the future of spirituality in the modern world.

After some 13 years of ongoing transpersonal learning and evolving, with some comings and goings of membership along the way, the group recognised that in the months following Bryce’s death in March 2010, they were demonstrably different.

And so, as they moved on from a poignant Wiltshire residential which included remembrance and letting go rituals at Avebury, some members felt this was the right time to leave and to establish communities in their own localities, or to move out on their ‘lone’ journeys. In April 2011 they therefore agreed consciously to close the TLC.


After a period of some months to honour this ending, a core group came together and found energy for the consideration of establishing a new community in some form.

Those involved have now established a Transpersonal Peer Community with emphasis on all three aspects – Transpersonal, Peer and Community.

They have made a commitment to meet, recognising that they have evolved and are now living in new situations, circumstances with new personal/transpersonal challenges in the present.

Contributors to this story: Carol Clark, Val Gustard, Rena Smith, Judi Steel, Patsy Watts, Hilary Wilmshurst, Beverly Woodhouse

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