Leader as Coach

A two day programme for Leaders and Managers who want to unlock people potential in their organisation

Are you thinking of becoming a coach?  Are you a leader or manager who wants to unlock people potential in your organisation?

This course is a fantastic first step. It’s a practical, two-day introduction to the core skills of coaching, designed for those who want to get started in coaching and leaders and managers who want to take a coaching approach at work.

On this two-day training course, you will gain:

  • An insight to the inner working of the human mind and what gets in the way of high performance
  • Ways of working in relationship that empower others to take more responsibility
  • Tools to liberate yourself from feeling like you always need to have the answer
  • Awareness to recognise when different situations require different responses
  • Strategies for being able to quickly and effectively flex your capacity to empower and develop others
  • Tools you can use to help others to reach their potential.
  • A methodology that will help you build effective and professional relationships

You will leave with:

  • A greater awareness of your own personal style and how to adapt it to help others
  • An understanding of what coaching is and the kinds of skills and qualities you’d need to do it
  • A working knowledge of the fundamentals of an effective coaching conversation
  • A simple and impactful coaching model to use straight away
  • Ways of using a coaching approach to become a more effective leader or manager.

This two-day programme will be held at our centre in Boston Spa. Dates to be confirmed in January/February 2022.  Please email info@oasishumanrelations.org.uk for more information on dates.


Both facilitators are skilled organisational consultants and bring years of practice of coaching within a wide variety of settings.

Carole-Ann Jones, Oasis Associate, brings her extensive experience in people development to leadership facilitation and coaching. She is part of the core team who deliver our diploma programme, Coaching with Head, Heart and Soul.

Jennifer Potter, Oasis Associate, is a highly experienced coach, consultant, and wellness expert offering an integrated approach to wellbeing at work.

Tools, skills and confidence

You will develop the skills and confidence to know how to coach others, whether it be in your organisation or in private practice.

Develop yourself personally and professionally

You will learn and experience the practicalities of working with a client – enabling you to see what coaching really means.

Real change and real relationships

You will learn how to make a real difference in your work with others: helping them grow; succeed in their own lives; and connect with their sense of purpose.


Individual pricing up to £700 with discounts available for multiple bookings and for the charity sector

Our approach

We have been developing the skills of coaching for individuals, groups and organisations in a variety of sectors for over 30 years. Our accredited Coaching with Head, Heart and Soul programme is now offered at both Certificate and Diploma level.

What makes our training unique is our Whole Person approach. Not only will you gain the skills, tools and methodologies to apply in coaching, but you will also get to chance to reflect on you as Person and what you might need to thrive.

You will also experience the impact of effective coaching by gaining live experience; having a go yourself and practicing with others on the course.