The turmoil of our fast-paced, shifting organisational and social landscape demands more and more of leaders. Working with constant change and uncertainty, connecting meaningfully to others and collaborating for the common good require leaders to be resourceful, relational and resilient – bringing more of their whole selves to their work.

The strength, gravitas and direction for real leadership can and do come from within. It requires personal authenticity, strength of relationship and the courage to take action. Making a real difference starts with your own skills, abilities and characteristics. You need to be willing to learn and to keep on learning: a real leader.

Whether it’s exploring systems, leadership styles or culture, we take an inside-out approach. We focus on you. By releasing your own internal power and authority, you will develop the capacity to enact external change.

Over the past 15 years we have pioneered a different kind of leader development. Using our unique approach, we have equipped over 1,000 leaders from all walks of life to lead with courage, vision and integrity. Our participants come from international business schools, iconic UK businesses, innovative social enterprises, dynamic community groups and hard-hit public sector bodies. They say they are still drawing on their experiences with us years afterwards.

We are thought leaders in the field of responsible leadership and founding partners of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative. Our development programmes are rooted in our experience working in organisations, developing cultures where leadership is shared and situational.

We are committed to on-going research and development to ensure that our approach is cutting edge and reflects what is really needed to lead in a fast-paced, shifting organisational and social landscape.

Increasingly leaders need to be able to lead in a changing context, with an ability to identify and adapt their leadership style in various situations. This takes a great deal of consciousness and personal understanding. This is why Oasis' whole person approach to learning is so important to us. For many of our leaders their development has been truly life changing.

Vanessa DuckenfieldHead of Learning & Development, Bettys & Taylors Group

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