Globally Responsible Leadership

An exploration of 21st-century relationships within a global context: whole persons learning about whole-planet issues.

Oasis is a founder member of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative. The GRLI holds and facilitates an inclusive and collective call for deep systemic change across three domains: how we live and make a living, how we learn, and how we lead. Oasis has always pioneered a different kind of leadership, one which takes responsibility for people and planet.

Those who take a step into global responsibility find:

  • they can be seen as market leaders or opinion shapers
  • that authentic practice can have financial as well as reputational advantage – in both the non-profit and profit sectors
  • that in doing so they unleash more innovation, creativity and commitment within themselves and their workforce.

Shaping your purpose

Creating authentic practices to achieve your purpose


Making connections between I, we and all of us


Unleash your innovation and creativity

As we work together to restore hope to the future, we need to include a new and strange ally – our willingness to be disturbed. Our willingness to have our beliefs and ideas challenged by what others think. No one person or perspective can give us the answers we need to the problems of today. Paradoxically, we can only find those answers by admitting we don’t know. We have to be willing to let go of our certainty and expect ourselves to be confused for a time.

Margaret WheatleyWriter and consultant

The Oasis approach to Globally Responsible Leadership

Our response includes programmes, organisational consultancy, one-to-one development and research.

These activities build upon our contribution as founding members of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, and our links with international business schools and organisational clients.

The work is at the level of deep complexity, and with bigger-than-self challenges: whole persons learning about whole-planet issues. At its heart is an exploration of 21st-century relationships within a global context.

Those who engage find time and space to:

  • explore their current connection to and with people and planet
  • raise consciousness of the connections that exist – social, transpersonal, financial, emotional and environmental
  • be supported into action within their spheres of influence, with an emphasis on the spheres of work, local community action, leadership, collaboration and social innovation.

The Three Laws of Globally Responsible Leadership

The Law of the Environment

The natural system is not a stakeholder in our businesses; it is the ultimate foundation of the rules.

The Law of Interconnectedness

Everything, everywhere is linked in a single system. Therefore every action must be considered in the context of its effect on the whole system.

The Law of Engagement

Globally responsible leaders must become engaged in solving the dilemmas that confront us as a consequence of the first two laws.

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