Online Programme – Writing for Resilience

Writing for Resilience

Online programme by Pam Winter

As a coach, counsellor, and poetry therapist I know that is the same for many of us right now as we manage our return to a very different world with so many conflicting tensions and demands both personally and professionally. So, there is no better time than now, to come together and explore our own questions and answers as we navigate our uncertainty and vulnerability together and build our resilience to face into this ongoing challenge.

I have designed the Writing for Resilience online programme to support people wanting to strengthen their resilience and take good care of their mental and emotional health. There are many other benefits to doing this programme. You will most likely feel freer and lighter of your worries. It has the potential to reduce anxieties and lift low moods as well as helping people settle into the discomfort of not knowing. People often report finding wisdom from their writing that they did not know they have.

Here is an example of how we will work on the Writing for Resilience online programme. We usually start with some simple mindfulness to bring us more into the moment. Then we begin the work with a writing prompt from a poem such as the extract below from Lucy Adkins, called ‘Writing into the Storm.’ I will read the poem aloud and sometimes ask participants to contribute to reading it out a second time.

We write into the storm together.
We use our pens.
We write sickness and divorce, the darkness that comes to us all.
We write love and bodies touching and children, and crocuses bursting through the snow.

After reading out the poem, I will suggest a writing prompt. The prompts for this poem might be:

‘’Today I write into the storm of? ‘’or ‘’Today I write into the shelter of’’ and for 5-7 minutes we write on whatever comes to our mind, whether it makes sense or not. We are not looking for perfect writing, just words.

If we are exploring a theme like fear or vulnerability, once we have quietened our minds down from the warm-up write we could also ask:

‘’What could I do to make this situation better?’’

We write together in silence and then we reflect on our writing and what it has shown us. Sharing of any writing is optional, but you can share your learning and the results are often powerful and unexpected!

This workshop will be run weekly on a Friday between 16.00-17.30 for 6 weeks starting on September 4th 2020. All you need is a good internet connection, access to zoom, a quiet space, a journal, and a good pen!

Cost: £240.00

If you are interested please email

Writing for Resilience

04/09/2020 – 09/10/2020
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm