Employee Wellbeing

Supporting organisations to get to the real issues of employee wellbeing to create new ways of working that support individual and organisational health. We offer a variety of resources to help organisations of all sizes create places to work that employees love.

Wellbeing is an emerging area of conversation among many organisations which want to do the right thing by their people. Organisations that recognise the link between a healthy employee experience and better performance are sustaining themselves for the future.

We can support you, whether you’re just starting to look at wellbeing, or established and looking to review.

  • For organisations wanting to share best practice and learn what’s working from peers in other organisations and sectors, we offer the Resilience and Wellbeing (RAW) Network, a peer-led community that meets quarterly in person and frequently online to share what’s working and what’s emerging in the field. Together we create better ways of working.
  • For organisations with a specific need or a desire to explore deeper, we offer consultancy, programmes, counselling services, inspirational talks and workshops.

A more proactive approach to resilience and wellbeing could be the difference between an organisation which just about gets by and one which flourishes.

We’ve specialised in this field for over 30 years and are passionate about supporting organisations to create their own ways of working that support employees to reach their full potential.

The benefit of the depth of the work enabled us to think about what we wanted to be like as an organisation. This made us move toward what we wanted to develop to become that organisation.

Carole RichardsonGroup Director for People and Culture, North Star Housing Group

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