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Coaching for Leaders

An exciting, fresh and engaging blend of support and challenge to help you build personal impact, influence others and lead through complex change.

For many in demanding roles, it is a constant challenge to find time and the right environment to step back to consider the bigger issues, deal with change or develop new ways of working.

Integrating self, relationship and work can be a struggle. Oasis’s unique approach to coaching develops leaders in organisations to succeed professionally and thrive personally.

Improve performance

Think out loud about factors affecting performance and proactively address them

increase self-awareness

Have the strategies to work with your own processes, insights, challenges and intuition

Gain new perspectives

See issues differently and change limiting perceptions

My Oasis coach combines his considerable experience of organisations and leadership with his wisdom and emotional intelligence in a way that has made a real difference to my professional development. Time with him is both supportive and challenging - I leave our meetings energised and more focused. He has helped me grow in confidence to work in a way which is both true to my values and myself whilst maintaining rigour and creativity.

David FarnsworthChief Grants Officer, The City of London Corporation's Charity, City Bridges Trust

Coaching will strengthen you, clarify what you are doing, give you new ways of thinking and help you create a plan for positive and sustainable action.

Our experienced coaches work across the UK using our innovative and creative approaches and are committed to their own personal development and ongoing supervision. We work alongside you to help you bring more of yourself to the questions you are tackling.

We provide one-to-one development to hundreds of people in key roles within organisations using an approach that takes into account the individual and organisational context.

Our proprietary assessment tool helps you identify key leader and manager areas for focus that will impact you, your team and your organisation.

Benefits of coaching:

  • improves individual performance, helping you clarify what you are doing, create a plan for action and achieve your goals
  • increases the quality of engagement with key issues
  • refreshes mindsets, giving you new ways of thinking and fostering creativity and innovation
  • identifies key organisational trends, conflicts and questions
  • aligns values and strategic thinking to practice, helping you achieve objectives
  • helps you focus and engage in times of stress, maintaining optimum performance and contributing to senior-level retention.

Finding a coach to work with

Take a look at our People page. Get in touch on 01937 541700 to find out more about the process we use to match clients and coaches to ensure you work with someone with the best fit for you.

There isn’t anything I do that is a better use of my time. Any time invested is repaid in terms of time saved or increased quality of thinking and perspective.

Charlotte DiazFormer Head of HR, Bettys

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