Providing housing for people and families on low incomes or those struggling with their housing needs is an essential element in the fabric of social provision within the UK and a critical lifeline to their customers.

Policy changes, welfare reform, budget cuts and the state of the economy are driving an unprecedented period of volatility and a challenging operational context in the sector.

Enabling Excellence: Developing Potential: Standing the Test of Time

We work closely with you to create a clear, strategic vision for your whole organisation. Our services are always tailored to your specific needs. We have over twenty years’ experience of working with housing organisations in the following ways:

  • Developing leadership for an ever changing context
  • Improving communication across, between and beyond
  • Building effective relationships
  • Building individual resilience and organisational strength
  • Auditing health and wellbeing
  • Increasing accountability, flexibility, creativity and experimentation for better outcomes

Working with Oasis

Past and present clients include Home Housing Group, North Star Housing Group, Impact Housing Association, Longhurst Group, Housing Hartlepool, the Ethical Property Company and Yorkshire Housing.

Since starting an organisational development process with Oasis, North Star Housing Group has been awarded Investors in People Gold status and the Business in the Community BUPA Wellbeing at Work award, and is a Sunday Times Best Company, with a 3* rating. Absence levels are less than half the regional average and stress levels have reduced to zero. Tenant satisfaction is in the top 10% nationally, the financial bottom line has increased by 82% and staff engagement is 90%.

Keeping your staff and organisation healthy

Working in partnership with you, we create cohesive and collaborative leadership teams. Staff are engaged and effective, with reduced stress levels, because they have more control and influence over their work and decision making.

We achieve this through leadership and management development programmes, one-to-one executive development, organisational health checks and innovative organisational development. We can also provide employee counselling, mediation and wellbeing interventions.

Our team

Claire MaxwellClaire Maxwell is an Oasis co-director specialising in developing and facilitating creative, collaborative and Whole Person approaches to organisational development. One-to-one developer, writer and guest speaker nationally and internationally. Extensive experience in social care and housing sectors.

Chris TaylorChris Taylor is an experienced facilitator, one-to-one developer and consultant. Works with teams and organisations on social and environmental impact and community engagement.

Paul Davies sq

Paul Davies is a former health and social care director in public and third sector; held senior roles in Department of Health; pioneering multi-partner collaborations. Supported learning of NHS multi-disciplinary teams and professionals.

Heather BarkerHeather Barker is an Oasis associate, consultant and facilitator. Experience in oil industry, broking and as trouble shooter. Consultancy in private, public and voluntary sectors, extensive experience in housing sector, family businesses and reviewing governance, processes and risk management.

Benita TreanorBenita Treanor is an experienced leadership development consultant, facilitator, one-to-one developer, coach and coach supervisor. Experienced in the financial sector, construction, catering and hospitality, healthcare and whole person wellbeing.

Irwin WilliamsIrwin Williams has a background in social care, managing training and development and decision making in public purpose organisations. Experienced facilitator of values-based programmes.

Charles Greenwood

Charles Greenwood has over 25 years’ senior management experience in commercial and public sector, including one-to-one development and project work in social housing and charities. Experienced in developing strategies to support people development in organisations in transition.

Julie McVeighJulie McVeigh has a background in social care in senior roles in the statutory and voluntary sectors. Passionate about partnership working across health and education and all the joy and challenge this brings. An experienced one-to-one developer, motivated by seeing people thrive.

Liz-GooldLiz Goold is an organisation consultant, facilitator and coach. Over 28 years’ experience within voluntary and public sectors. Specialises in working with individuals, teams, Boards and organisations in transition; strategic thinking and systems change; and leadership team development.

Julie Barnes

Julie Barnes focuses on strengths based and whole person approaches. Background in social services research, inspection and consultancy for adult social care and children’s services; facilitator for East Midlands dementia strategy and supervisor with Health Education.

Lise RibeiroLise Ribeiro leads Oasis Whole Person at Work services including mediation, counselling, one-to-one development and initiatives that improve employee engagement, including our wellbeing diagnostic.

Find out more

To find out more about working with us, contact us on 01937 541700 or email us.

I was quite new into a senior role with Home Group back in 2001 when I did Leadership, Life and Learning with Oasis. It had a major effect on me and I still use the skills today, 15 years on, in one-to-one meetings, larger group meetings and in lots of different aspects of my work. It has had long-lasting benefits to my career and to others. Without a shadow of a doubt it made me a better manager.

Paul Stephens Ex-Director of Housing and Communities, Cestria Community Housing Association

The business is stronger and richer; meaningful relations, trust, and honesty prevail, and I don’t know how this could have been achieved without the support and guidance of Oasis. I have learned so much from everyone, and I know for sure that my years as CEO wouldn’t have been as successful without the development work, both personally and organisationally. Their people orientation, insightfulness, and ability to find solutions to complex issues are unique in my experience – there are simply no other alternatives for me.

Angela Lockwood CEO, North Star Housing Group