General Practice

General practice

We offer an in-depth consultancy service for GPs. We will work closely with your practice on specific areas of development, bringing skilled experience based guidance and facilitation.

With the current enormous pressures in primary care, we know that having some support around the issues that most affect you day to day can be of huge benefit and allows you to focus your time and energies on patient care.

Enabling excellence in your practice

We can work closely with your practice and focus on key areas of importance to you to deliver a service tailored to your needs. We have been successful in working with practices around a broad range of issues including:

  • Improved leadership
  • Innovative services
  • Better systems
  • Staff resilience
  • Building effective relationships

Working with Oasis

We understand your context, with 25 years’ experience working as consultants with healthcare professionals.

We can help you integrate a learning base for safe practice and clinical excellence

We are engaged in helping you work through questions which have no easy answers

We excel in developing people and teams to build effective relationships.

We start from where you are, working alongside you to meet the needs of your practice

We are recognised innovators of Whole Person Learning – an approach which works with people, systems and the relationships between them.

Windhill Green Medical Centre has been working with Oasis since the mid 2000s. The partners’ annual development day is a chance to review as a team the main events of the preceding year and take a good look at how critical events and staff issues have impacted on the practice. All GP partners and the practice manager contribute to the day’s agenda which addresses personal/professional, strategic/operational, and in-house/external concerns. Roles are reviewed and realigned and action planning for the year ahead concludes the day.

Other options from Oasis

Oasis Research and Action Learning

  • Oasis frameworks (including the Oasis Seven Stage Model for Effective Relationships) supported by robust research and diagnostics in health and social care.
  • Inquiry-based action learning: Oasis is a global pioneer of the collaboratory, for practitioners and teams ready to work closer on key issues.
  • Workplace of Tomorrow research: exploring the principles and paradoxes of how we work, how we organise and how we build our organisations.
  • Oasis wellbeing diagnostic: for organisations in the process of change, innovation or restructure.

Patient Services

  • Counselling: including psychosexual therapy and couples counselling

Our general practice team

Our team is experienced and qualified in consultancy, facilitation, coaching and mentoring.

Ali CummingsAli Cummings – lead for GP development. Works with GPs and practice nurses; background in health and social care practice, management, facilitation and research, particularly working with disadvantaged communities and populations using peer leadership, skill sharing and collaborative approaches.

Julie BarnesJulie Barnes focuses on strengths based and whole person approaches. Background in social services research, inspection and consultancy for adult social care and children’s services; facilitator for East Midlands dementia strategy and supervisor with Health Education.

Nick EllerbyNick Ellerby introduced seven stage framework for GP relationships; lead role in multi-partner stakeholder approaches; writer and development consultant on collaborative practice; co-director at Oasis.

Paul Davies sqPaul Davies is a health and social care director in public and third sector; held senior roles in Department of Health; pioneering multi-partner collaborations. Supported learning of NHS multi-disciplinary teams and professionals.

Yaakov AtikYaakov Atik coaches of senior health personnel; runs communication skills workshops for registrars in paediatrics; member of Team Effectiveness project at the RCN; Action Learning workshops for senior staff in the NHS.

Jill CoxJill Cox has a background in acute, community and community psychiatric nursing; Director of Nursing/CEO of a Mental Health Trust; SHA nursing advisor; part of turn-around teams for two PCTs; led Patient Safety for London (SHA); service reviews and investigations.

Lise RibeiroLise Ribeiro heads up mediation, counselling, one-to-one development and initiatives that improve employee engagement, including our wellbeing diagnostic.

Find out more

To explore what we can do together get in touch with Lise Ribeiro on 01937 541700 or use the contact form to send an email.

General Practice and wider primary care services face increasingly unsustainable pressures and General Practice wants and needs to transform the way it provides services to reflect these growing challenges.

NHS England

Quality improvement in General Practice requires collective action from a range of stakeholders working towards common, clearly understood goals. This can only be achieved through effective planning, robust control and innovative improvement methods.

NHS Scotland

Working as a GP is like being in a whirlpool or a storm: no time to think beyond that day. It’s so important to have a STOP day as a team. We’ve shown that we can achieve a lot this way.

Dr Jonathan Eastwood GP partner, College Lane Surgery

The practice nurses felt valued by the practice to have this time found for them - an open space to air big issues, to be honest and upfront with each other. There was a real sense of being able to identify issues and work at them, to make a collective decision, move on and put plans into action. We've all returned feeling motivated. You managed to draw a huge amount out of everyone - it was exactly what we were after.

Dr Abigail Winter GP partner, Windhill Green Medical Centre

Windhill has benefited so much. The high points of our work together have been the understanding you have of our work, both personal and on the business side. You've understood and grasped what people are getting at and the importance of it to them so that everything that was bothering people was brought out into the open. I've learnt a lot over the years about my contribution being equally important. It's been received positively and that's encouraged me to continue.

Elaine Bates Practice Manager, Windhill Green Medical Centre