Whole Person Learning in Action Manual

Bryce Taylor

The challenges faced by society today are placing new demands upon a new generation of leaders for whom global responsibility will not be a rhetorical phrase but will be an active ingredient in all they do.

Whole Person Learning describes one approach for moving forward into the new paradigm of leadership and practice.

The manual addresses the issues of globally responsible practice, leadership and practice in organisations; the purpose and value of Whole Person Learning in the world of business and management; the Whole Person Learning perspective; initiating Whole Person Learning; and the role of the facilitator in Whole Person Learning.

It is an introductory tool for those who are interested in this new way of being, especially in the worlds of education and management, and is supported by a wide network of people throughout the world (largely through the work of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, which sponsored the publication).

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Whole Person Learning in Action Manual