Globally Responsible Leadership: A Call for Engagement

In 2004, united by a shared commitment to the development of globally responsible leaders, companies, business schools and centres for leadership learning formed the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative. This report describes their key recommendations.

The challenges facing humankind are large, undeniable and global. Economic, social, environmental inequalities abound and are increasing.

Businesses are among the most influential institutions worldwide. They have a tremendous opportunity to shape a better world for existing and future generations. Business schools and centres for leadership learning can play a pivotal role, alongside business, in developing the present and future leaders required to ensure that business is a force for good.

The leadership required now and in the future can be described as globally responsible leadership. This is the global exercise of ethical, values-based leadership in the pursuit of economic and societal progress and sustainable development.

It is based on a fundamental understanding of the interconnectedness of the world and recognition of the need for economic and societal and environmental advancement. It also requires the vision and courage to place decision making and management practice in a global context.

Front cover of Globally Responsible Leadership A Call for Engagement

Our vision of the future is of a world where leaders contribute to the creation of economic and societal progress in a globally responsible and sustainable way. Our goal is to develop the current and future generation of globally responsible leaders through a global network of companies and learning institutions. Co-ordinated through the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) and with the support of the UN Global Compact, the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative will reach its goal by taking action throughout the world on issues of new business practices and learning approaches, advocacy and concept development. Membership of the Initiative offers an opportunity to participate in creating a new generation of globally responsible business leaders and to be a catalyst for changed values and practices regarding corporate global responsibility.

Already, we are witnessing the emergence of a group of people with awareness and attitudes of corporate global responsibility. This portends a tipping point, the development of a critical mass with a genuinely global view and the skills and appetite to change things for the better. Work with us to ensure that this becomes a reality. Join the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative. Engage.