Whole Person Facilitating

Facilitation of groups, events and meetings is demanding both personally and professionally. To do it well requires the ability to hold multiple and sometimes conflicting agendas. It needs design processes that help speak to different styles and approaches. It requires a willingness to work with uncertainty and not knowing. Above all it requires an ability to create great connections with others – enabling individuals and groups to learn and grow in a safe and constructive atmosphere.

This programme provides you with an integrated blend of theory and practice, and the emphasis is strongly on applying what you are learning, live in a group of supportive peers. You will learn new approaches, developing both your interpersonal and facilitation skills, so that you have greater choice and flexibility in your how you work with groups. Our approach is challenging, practical and dynamic, enabling you to practice new ways of operating and gaining valuable feedback on your impact.

We have an international reputation for our distinctive method of working. In organisations we are frequently invited to support situations where there are no obvious answers. Our approach is to work in fierce collaboration alongside those involved, in ways that enable them to create their own answers to the challenges they face.

What this means for our facilitation programme is that we move beyond techniques, theories and methodologies to the real experiences of participants. In learning to work with depth and courage with groups, participants are, in turn learning to engage with their own lives with depth and courage. This makes for magical facilitation and real change for the groups we work with.

We help you develop your ability to have truly effective and trusting relationships with others on the programme. This enables all participants to learn, grow and reach their true potential.

Whole Person Facilitating Programme Elements

  • A step by step guide to developing the skills required to work successfully with groups
  • A mixture of personal and professional development
  • The role of facilitator, styles and influences that make up our practise
  • Understanding the living contract with groups
  • How to work with power, control and authority
  • Understanding diversity and difference and conflict and cooperation
  • Diagnostic tools for understanding where the group is
  • Managing the balance between group participants and external stakeholders
  • How to design and manage a group process
  • Effective group interventions

Who is the programme for?

  • You are already working as a facilitator and long to go deeper with groups, teams and individuals
  • You want to develop a more effective approach to working on the development of groups and teams
  • You want to develop a more holistic and radical relational approach to your work
  • You want to identify and work with your own developmental areas, in ways that give you more freedom to act courageously
  • You are looking for a learning experience which can be designed around specific needs within the group

Benefits of Whole Person Facilitating Programme

  • You will greatly extend your range and confidence in applying interventions that have impact
  • You will learn how to help a group continue to operate effectively when complex issues and questions arise
  • You will learn how to help a group make decisions when uncertainty abounds
  • You will explore the feelings that arise in a facilitated process and feel more confident at working with these
  • You will be more confident at identifying and naming the different interpersonal dynamics you experience
  • You will work with the issues of power, authority and influence
  • You will become more comfortable with adapting your approach to meet the emergent needs of the Groups you work with
  • You will become part of a supportive community of practice

You will learn from the best: This programme has run many times and our facilitators draw on a huge wealth of experience working in a wide variety of sectors. Nick, Marion and Glyn’s facilitation approach encourages you to bring your whole self to your work.

Find out more about MarionNick, and Glyn.

Fee arrangements

The programme fee is £4,995, with some flexibility for organisations and individuals from the not-for-profit and charitable sectors. The fee covers all aspects of the programme excluding travel and accommodation where required.

For bookings and more information please contact Charlotte Ellerby on 01937 541 700 or email.

I’ve gained a better thermometer to sense what’s going on in a room, both said and not said. I’ll now face and embrace the emerging things as they’re happening. The programme tested me to see how far I would go, which enabled me to deal better with the really tricky stuff when I got back to work. It took the black magic out of facilitating for me, so I left with the nuts and bolts that removed all the blocks and barriers to good facilitating.

Kath Walton Head of People Services North Star Housing Group

It provided me with a comprehensive, in-depth programme to advance my facilitation practice, as well as enabling me to explore my own learning preferences and approaches in a Whole Person approach.

Toby Smith-Firth Group IT & Central Change Director Bettys and Taylors Group

Programme Facilitators