The Resilient Leader

A practical approach to juggling the challenges of leadership and staying in charge.

This two-day workshop gives real solutions to leaders to become more effective in their day-to-day approach to the management of themselves and others.

Build your self-awareness

Maintain your energy levels so you stay productive and focused.

Learn how to influence and get your point across.

Set clear boundaries to protect your time, plans and goals.

Build your resilience

Manage those people and situations that drain your energy.

Manage your energy, not time, to meet the rising demands placed on you as a leader.

Stay focused on your goals while respecting the needs of others.

Sustaining a high level of resilience enables us to stay in charge of our lives.  On a day-to-day basis we are managing an increasing amount of intellectual, emotional and physical demands.

  • How do we stay in charge?
  • How do we make choices that work for us in the short and long term?
  • How do we stay resilient?

It is more effective for us to manage energy rather than time. Time is finite, energy can be expanded, renewed and used more efficiently. If you become more intentional and conscious about how you use your energy you will be able to sustain a higher level of performance over longer periods. Understanding your own energy capacity and usage will help you work out how sustainable your life/work style will be going forward.

A pragmatic approach that will suggest clear and tangible actions for leaders to take away and implement.

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