The Real Leaders Programme

Real, responsible, relational, radical, resourceful

This radical programme of personal and professional development is for leaders and managers from all walks of life who want to make a deep and lasting investment in their own development.

It’s for organisations that want to create a culture of collaboration and connection and to achieve extraordinary results through the development of awake, responsible and relational leaders.

  • Do you want to maximise your full potential?
  • Do you want to better understand your own unique leadership style and learn how to flex it?
  • Do you want to develop your ability to collaborate effectively with others?
  • Do you want to get the most from your working and personal relationships?
  • Do you feel passionately about the world and you want to make change happen?
  • Do you want to ‘take the lead’ in your life?
  • Do you want to develop presence, influence and authority?

Benefits of our relational leadership approach

  • Increased confidence to get things done, try new things and make change happen
  • Self-awareness with a grounded understanding of your impact on others
  • A broad range of leadership approaches at your disposal to handle whatever is thrown at you
  • Increased flexibility, creativity and ability to learn; knowing how to lead and manage different situations
  • More strategic thinking, fewer knee-jerk responses
  • Ability to challenge unhelpful behaviours in oneself and in others
  • Increased influence and authority, understanding how to use it for positive impact on others
  • More resourceful, agile approach to managing and leading change
  • The ability to be a fierce and highly effective collaborator.

The Oasis Approach

Our approach to learning is tailored to meet the individual development needs of leaders and managers. Throughout the process you set your own personal goals so you learn to motivate and sustain yourself. You will be evaluated through a rigorous Self and Peer Assessment process based on these self-defined goals.

The programme incorporates all we have learned from over 25 years of working at the leading edge of developing courageous and authentic leaders from all sectors.

Programme Elements

Core to the programme is the Oasis Seven Stage Model – a clear and easy to understand way of leading change through effective relationship. As you learn these core skills you will practise using real work issues within a supportive peer-learning group.

There is a rich mix of facilitator inputs, introducing practice-based frameworks from contemporary thought leaders. There is a strong emphasis on practice, applied and experiential learning, work-based assignment and facilitated group reflection and discussion.

Facilitators are talented leaders in their field with vast experience in organisational, group and individual development. They will support you through tailored coaching sessions to embed your learning.

The Real Leaders Programme prospectus

You can view the prospectus for the Real Leaders programme below.

Download the Real Leaders Programme Prospectus (1458kb)
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How to apply

Express your interest by emailing or call 01937 541700 for an informal chat.

Speak to one of the facilitators to talk through what’s involved and whether the programme is right for you.

Increasingly leaders need to be able to lead in a changing context, with an ability to identify and adapt their leadership style in various situations. This takes a great deal of consciousness and personal understanding. This is why Oasis' whole person approach to learning is so important to us. For many of our leaders their development has been truly life changing.

Vanessa Duckenfield Head of Learning & Development Bettys & Taylors Group

This isn’t a how-to practical-tips toolkit-training programme. This is a learning journey where you challenge and are challenged, by peers and excellent facilitators. It is full of eureka moments and uncomfortable truths. It has really improved my self awareness and I am beginning to see a real change in how effective I am at work, and in the rest of my life.

Rob Bell Director London Emergencies Trust

I left behind all notions of ‘training’ and ‘development’, and embraced a completely new form of learning, focusing on you as a whole person. Truly transformational. As a result I’m more effective at home and at work.

Toby Smith Head of Change Bettys & Taylors Group

Programme Facilitators


Start up Day
23 Sep 2019
Module 1: All Change!
19 – 21 Nov 2019
Module 2: Fierce Collaboration
3 – 5 Feb 2020
Module 3: Positive Power
23 – 25 Mar 2020
Module 4: Influence, Action and Impact
1 – 3 Jun 2020
Module 5: Making Sense
9 – 11 Nov 2020