Leadership from the Liminal Space


Join us for a fresh, stimulating and connecting two days with Nora Bateson to explore together what keeps us stuck and what will enable us to move forward to more rewarding possibilities. Experience Nora’s deeply engaging, warm, rich wisdom and presence to delve into liminal realms, symmathesy, who we are now and more.

The ingredients

Liminal realms

The era of in-between. We have old habits that cast shadows across the visions for new becomings. Old ways of living that are premised upon exploitation of human and ecological rights are not yet gone and new ways of living not yet manifested. The word ‘liminal’ refers to this ripe but confusing state, mid transformation.

What is change?

Mechanistic and linear notions of change are susceptible to mechanistic and linear solutions. What other change might there be?


Looking at living systems as contexts of mutual learning.

Who are we now?

Mythology of heroes, leaders and the crisis of perception. Redefining these roles for the pathways ahead.

Identity in complexity

You are an ecology of selves. Identity is at the core of our perception process. Bringing complexity to identity makes it more possible for the complexity of other to be more visible.

The paradox of agency

You are you. You are your contexts.

Ecology of institutions

The institutions of our world have formed an inter-dependency that we are having difficulty ourselves extracting from. Economy, technology, medicine, education, politics, religion – these institutions are woven into each other now, and woven into our lives.

About Nora Bateson

Nora Bateson is a film maker, writer and educator as well as President of the International Bateson Institute, based in Sweden. She directed and produced the award-winning documentary film ‘An Ecology of Mind’, a portrait of her father Gregory Bateson and his way of thinking.

Nora describes herself as an ‘interdisciplinary interloper’, travelling between conversations in different fields and with different audiences bringing multiple perspective into view to reveal larger patterns.

She teaches internationally, leading conversations and seminars, and is currently developing her next film. She recently published a book about the application of systems thinking and complexity theory in everyday life, entitled Small Arcs of Larger Circles (Triarchy Press).

What ever leadership used to be - it used to be. Now it has to be something different. Now we all have to be more than we were. The kind of leadership I want to explore may not be identifiable as leadership at all. I'm interested in a kind of mutual alert care and attention to the well-being of all people and ecological systems. This kind of leadership cannot be found in individuals. I have called it leadership from the liminal space to highlight the relational characteristics.

Nora Bateson

Programme Facilitators

Nora Bateson

Award winning filmaker, author and President of the International Bateson Institute.