Lise Ribeiro

Head of Whole Person Working Initiatives

Whole Person Working Initiatives help people thrive in the workplace.

They include one-to-one development support for people in organisations (mediation, counselling, one-to-one development) and initiatives that improve employee engagement, including our wellbeing diagnostic.

I believe that everyone has the resources to become more effective in their life and work and I am passionate about supporting people to do that through our services. All my work is relationship based and I am always ready to speak with people who, like me, are interested in human relations and bringing more of the whole person to work.

Our service has a well-deserved reputation, reflecting effective intervention, a human relations approach and collaborative working.

Working in a strong team we have developed a range of interventions that support people at work to enhance their whole person working and effectiveness.

As Head of Whole Person Working Initiatives, Lise Ribeiro helps shape strategy and holds on-going relationships with Whole Person at Work clients and commissioners. She is accountable for the quality and development questions relating to the selection and on-going development of one-to-one practitioners across the Oasis Community, and convenes a Quality, Evaluation and Development Group (QED) that supports this process.