Amber Farrier


Having worked within management and leadership roles for the past 12 years, Amber Farrier has managed the ‘business elements’ of both Local Authority and Voluntary Sector Organisations.

This includes working with teams within high pressure environments, as well as managing finance and support service teams, business development and management information.

Amber recognises that an organisation’s main assets are its people, and is interested in helping individuals achieve their full potential.

She is passionate about the strength that we can channel through pathways of personal development, and is a strong believer that each person has a wealth of internal resources which they are able to draw upon.

Amber has been offering one-to-one coaching sessions within organisations for over six years. She firmly believes that the challenge and options created within sessions release and free individuals’ potential, whilst turning questions and problems into options and solutions.

By taking the time to stop, discuss, and reflect on situations, we are often faced with the realisation that the options and answers are much closer than we think. I have now offered one-to-one development over the last six years, and still never cease to be amazed by the journeys it allows individuals to travel and the positive results that are achieved.