Globally Responsible Practice

Global responsibility is now more mainstream than ever, with many organisations professing sustainable practice and many organisational development practitioners active in the field.

Alongside the greenwash, some inspirational practice is being developed, along with world-changing innovations and thinking.

With the growing awareness of our global footprint, some people also seem at times to experience a sense of helplessness or even embarrassment.

They wonder how to make the issues live in their work and not just in their private lives; but they nevertheless create barriers to further exploration, as though keeping going in the same old way is somehow easier more consciously.

There is room enough even in these current times, for those who take a step into global responsibility to find:

  • they can be seen as market leaders or opinion shapers
  • that authentic practice can have financial as well as reputational advantage – in both the non-profit and profit sectors
  • that in doing so they unleash more innovation, creativity and commitment within themselves and their workforce.

Such people may not even know what their question is about globally responsible practice and leadership, but somewhere they are wondering whether there is a question to be asked. That is enough to begin the conversation.

They are likely to be people who are less anxiety-driven and able to take the longer view; and they may come from emergent small entities and social enterprises bringing new consciousness and intent, from larger/longer-established corporate or non-profit clients.

The Oasis response

We are developing a range of responses including programmes, organisational consultancy, one-to-one development and research.

These activities build upon our contribution as founding members of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, and our links with international business schools and organisational clients.

The work is at the level of deep complexity, and with bigger-than-self challenges: whole persons learning about whole-planet issues. At its heart is an exploration of 21st-century relationships within a global context.

Those who engage find time and space to:

  • explore their current connection to and with people and planet
  • raise consciousness of the connections that exist – social, transpersonal, financial, emotional and environmental
  • be supported into action within their spheres of influence, with an emphasis on the spheres of work, local community action, leadership, collaboration and social innovation.

Innovation Cohort

Innovation Cohort

The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative Innovation Cohort is a global peer-based laboratory of management educators, leadership developers and organisational leaders innovating and transforming their organisations and offerings around the key roles articulated in the 50+20 vision: educating globally responsible leaders; enabling business to become the best for the world; engaging with societal and economic transformation.

Claire Maxwell and Nick Ellerby are facilitating the Innovation Cohort on behalf of the GRLI and Agenda 50+20.