Deep Culture Change and Collaboration

Helping people and organisations fulfil their potential is part of our commitment to engaged, participative and collaborative culture change.

Oasis consultants develop, in partnership with you, the tools and ‘know how’ to enable whole organisation change.

Change calls for new ways of thinking and working; a shift in attitudes and behaviours as well as in structures and processes.

Human relations approach

An effective organisation has high quality relationships. Relationships with those you serve, those who work with you, and other stakeholders, including the wider community and the planet we share.

Becoming able to work effectively with the shadowy interpersonal world is at the heart of developing into a healthier organisation that achieves its purpose in the world.

Our approach emphasises the development of people and relationships, combined with an understanding of the dynamics of organisational phases, structures and systems. Together you will learn to use your own resources to diagnose and resolve your problems.

Working with teams

Teams are the key to heightening esteem, performance and commitment.

Team development is about more than team building exercises. It involves a process where contracting and challenge go hand-in-hand with clarity of direction, ambiguity of response and an embracing of diversity.

To shape collaborative leadership within the team calls for each individual to be aware of their own strengths and those of their colleagues, together making a sustainable whole.

It is not an easy path and relies on feedback skills, trust and an ability to bring together task focus, learning and relationship in the right combination.

Oasis provides direct facilitation to develop team effectiveness, bespoke courses for current and future team leaders, and programmes that develop leadership and understanding of team effectiveness.

Developing collaborative leadership

Authentic collaboration brings about increased engagement and commitment, promotes accountability, a shared sense of ownership, and creates the potential for innovation, responsibility and involvement.

It is an approach that continues awakening a group of managers and leaders to a wider awareness of their processes and the importance of how they work together.

Collaboration is not easy; it can be messy and confusing. So why bother? Because when it works, the results are profound, beneficial and joyful.

Working in partnership

Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all solution, we specialise in making sense of the worlds we work in and harnessing the wisdom held within organisations.

We co-create what is required with those involved. You as the client give the brief: we as the consultants create the development process through relationship, learning, diversity and context.

Our experienced consultants and facilitators have designed, managed and facilitated whole organisational development interventions including:

  • Renewal of organisational purpose and direction
  • Building collaborative leadership and creating participative cultures, shifting from hierarchy to mesh approaches, fostering partnership and co-working
  • Organisational redesign, review, audit, analysis and systems renewal
  • Changing culture and managing critical transitions
  • Developing governance approaches and capability
  • Strategic assessment, thinking and practice
  • Assisting in the development of evaluation methodologies including collaborative supervision, appraisal and accountability mechanisms, developing self and peer strategies and assessment
  • Developing people, processes and projects.


Organisational development with Oasis is challenging and makes a significant difference.

Our approach:

  • aligns the purpose, structures, people and processes with the emergent needs for achieving the future direction
  • enables individuals to become more leaderful
  • enables people to demonstrate responsibility and accountability that result in more meaningful action and sustained learning
  • supports the organisation and individuals to work with more consciousness of the key aspects that need attention
  • encourages more collaborative, effective and engaged ways of working.

Research into collaboration and creativity

Our UK Leadership Inquiry and the Collabor8 group evolved new learning on authentic collaboration and leadership in a Co-operative Inquiry, disseminated through Working Relationships for the 21st Century. UK leaders and directors in not-for-profit and public sector organisations examined the lived experience of what it means to be a leader.

With Bettys & Taylors Group Oasis practitioners led a Collaborative Inquiry into the question: “How do we capitalise on our creativity for leading edge business during leaner times?” The business recognised that it needed people who could think creatively and encourage innovation, whatever their position. The conscious intent was to bring about a shift by turning talking into action for an immediate impact.

The report includes a summary of the process, practical actions, key findings, recommendations and the reflections of participants.

Find out more

To find out more about whole organisational development contact Pippa Farrington on 01937 541700 or by using the contact form.