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Initiating Youth Into A Life of Purpose


The Rite of Passage is a transformative group process designed to unearth meaning and direction in life. It gives you space out of your ordinary life to sense into your deeper meaning and what you feel called to contribute to the world.

Right now the world needs young people who are conscious of the major shifts taking place and who are courageously exploring how they can best contribute to the ripples of transformation.

A Rite of Passage can give you space to do this. Maybe you are feeling unfulfilled, overwhelmed, not sure where to start because of all the turbulence in the world. Maybe you just have a feeling that there is more to your life than what you are currently doing (or being).

The Rite of Passage can mark a transition into an adult life flourishing with meaning in community. Oasis Foundation has been working with oikos, the global student sustainability network, to stage Rites of Passage for its members.

In indigenous societies across the world rites of passage mark the major transitions in life: puberty, adulthood, eldership. At each point we are invited to consider our core contribution to our community. Our rite of passage echoes this process. It asks the question: who are you and what do you want to represent and embody at this critical point in human history? It makes space for you and your story, woven into the bigger picture.

Watch the short Rite of Passage film HERE for insights on what participants think about it, and you can find more info HERE.

Chris Taylor