Spring Salon 2019 with Nora Bateson – Leadership in an Age of Complexity

Leadership in an Age of Complexity


We are in a time of great transition that impacts us all. Recognising the complexity and interrelatedness of global and societal structures, cultures and ecology, is ever more pressing. So key questions include, ‘how do we begin to approach new ways of understanding the nature of leadership?’ and ‘what is required of us as individuals to navigate our way through the present and into the future together?’

We welcome conversation starter: Nora Bateson, award-winning film maker, President of The International Bateson Institute, and author of a recent book on application of systems thinking and complexity theory in everyday life – Small Arcs of Larger Circles.

Nora will bring her warmth, energy, thought leadership and experience of grappling with such complex questions to stimulate our thoughts, conversations and explorations.

There will be small group dialogues to co-create shared understanding, wisdom through difference and actions to encourage new insights and learning.

‘Can the potential isolation of living on an island of our own frame of reference be banished by simple concurrences that become the currency of our conversations?’

This event is suitable to those people responsible for managing change, developing leaders or practitioners working to support those that do.

We are also running a workshop with Nora on Leadership from the Liminal Space. Join us for a fresh, stimulating and connecting two days with Nora Bateson to explore together what keeps us stuck and what will enable us to move forward to more rewarding possibilities. Experience Nora’s deeply engaging, warm, rich wisdom and presence to delve into liminal realms, symmathesy, who we are now and more.


Places are limited and often get booked up early so please contact sooner rather than later to reserve your place.

Please contact Charlotte: 01937 541700 or charlotte@oasishumanrelations.org.uk

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