The O Zone June 2019


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Our latest international guest workshop will be with Simon Cavicchia, development coach and consultant, who is coming to Oasis in December. He’ll hold an evening Salon event, followed by a 2-day workshop on Shame. See below for more details.

Meanwhile, the summer Salon is nearly here. Co-hosted with the Oasis Foundation, it will be an evening on Disruption and Development, we’ll be looking at how to disrupt comfortable but redundant ways of working to create something new; something agile, dynamic and interdependent. Do join us on July 10 for this free event.

This month we’re also sharing a couple of blogs from Nick Ellerby on shaping a vision, something we know is really important to a lot of you. But where do you start?

As summer approaches, we also revisit a blog from the RAW – Resilience and Wellbeing Network, on getting away from it all. It’s easy to think that if we can just escape day-to-day reality, all our problems will disappear – but the reality is not so simple. We still take our selves – with all our imperfections – on a holiday or a break…

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