The O Zone February 2019


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We are in a time of great transition that impacts us all. Recognising the complexity and interrelatedness of global and societal structures, cultures and ecology, is ever more pressing.

The next two events in our Salon series will explore these questions. Our Winter Salon with Dr Louis Klein explores at a practical Board and Leadership level, how we govern to embrace the needs of our enterprise, social complexity, the planet and our individual responsibilities?

He’ll follow it up with a two-day workshop on Developing Smart Governance in a Complex World – perfect for Board members, leaders and OD consultants.

Our Spring Salon with Nora Bateson will examine leadership in an age of complexity, and will be followed by a two-day workshop on Leadership from the Liminal Space. Join us to find out what keeps you stuck and what can help you to move forward.

We’ve also announced dates for our popular short programmes for later in the year. You can find out about all these events and programmes, plus thought leadership from our blog and news from the Resilience and Wellbeing Network.

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