The O Zone April 2019


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Spring is here and with spring comes our Spring Salon, a chance to get together with a conversation starter on an inspiring and stimulating topic. On the 1st May we are joined by Nora Bateson, film maker, author and president of the International Bateson Institute, to explore leadership in an age of complexity. The evening event is free for all, and Nora will be following up with a two-day workshop on leadership from the liminal space on May 2/3. Find out more details below.

Nora joins us as part of our series of salons with international guest facilitators, which take place four times a year.

Throughout the year our centre buzzes with energy whenever we have a programme group in. Below you can read blogs by two participants, one on Coaching and Mentoring with Head, Heart and Soul, and one on Real Leaders. These give you a unique behind-the-scenes view of what it’s like to come on an Oasis programme and the kinds of learning going on.

We’ve also been joined by a new member of staff this month – welcome to Sarah Murtha!

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