People and Planet workshops

A more responsible approach to people and planet is now more mainstream than ever, with growing interest in sustainable practice, environmental awareness and global responsibility.

Despite this, some people also experience a sense of helplessness. How can we make it live in our work and not just in our private lives? How can we remove barriers to further exploration? How can we relate to the whole-planet as whole-persons?

We are developing a range of short and diploma-length programmes in response to these questions.

Foundation 1: Consciousness, meaning and practice: a two-day exploration of global responsibility and the transpersonal. Dates set: 29–30 September 2012

Foundation 2: A three-day introduction to globally responsible practice and the triple bottom line, incorporating a Whole Person Learning approach. Dates set: 2–4 July 2012

The work is at the level of deep complexity, and with bigger-than-self challenges exploring 21st century relationships within a global context.

Those who engage will find time and space to:

  • explore their current connection to and with people and planet
  • raise consciousness of the connections that exist – social, transpersonal, financial, emotional and environmental
  • be supported into action within their spheres of influence, with an emphasis on the spheres of work, local community action, leadership, collaboration and social innovation.

For more information or to register your interest in these programmes, please contact John Gray or Samantha Parker on 01937 541700 or by using the Contact form.