24 March 2020: latest Oasis coronavirus update

O Zone October 2016


Will Schutz, one of the influencers of the work of Oasis, saw three key phases for relationship. For him it starts with belonging, before shifting to questions of power and control, and then onto being truly open to others.

The belonging phase is all about the extent to which we can affiliate with people. Choosing at different times to be either alone or to work in community, driven neither to pull away nor to be the constant networker desperate to be included.

We’ve been exploring these questions through our recent Resilience, Renewal and Relationship two-day engagement event for associates, directors and staff.

Belonging was a theme again at this year’s gathering of the partners of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative.

And the Oasis Transpersonal Holding Group is organising two events that offer spaces to explore a bigger sense of connection to other people and to the world. See below for details.

You can read more here: O Zone October 2016. If you would like to subscribe please email ozone@oasishumanrelations.org.uk or click on the link at the bottom of the page.