Event: Money Matters: Financial Wellbeing for You and Your Organisation

Financial Wellbeing

Love it or loathe it, the quality of our relationship with finance contributes significantly to whether we survive or thrive. All too often finance is one of the biggest causes of stress for both people and organisations.

• What does it take to have a healthier relationship with finance?
• What would life be like if finance nurtured rather than depleted resources?
• How does our mindset affect our ability to create healthy financial wellbeing?
• How do we create a relationship with money that enables us to be more resilient in an uncertain and complex world?

These are just some of the big questions we’ll be exploring in this exciting one-off event.

We’re bringing together some of the most interesting finance experts to help us to experience a real conversation about what it means to have financial wellbeing in today’s world. We’ll explore the concept of financial resilience for the individual, the group and the organisation.

Looking at finance as one of a number of life energies that can be depleted or refreshed, we’ll explore how shaking the proverbial money tree can be key to recognising other changes we can make to be more resilient. We will make time to consider financial self-worth; how this could just be the key to a better night’s sleep.

We’ll look at what organisations can do to promote financial wellbeing in their cultures, exploring how systems can respond to individual, organisational and community needs. Together we’ll identify tangible steps organisations can take with those employees who find themselves living on ‘the financial edge’.

At Oasis, we’re fundamentally interested in relationship as a way of understanding the world. How do we relate to ourselves and each other in order to reach our full potential? How do we create healthy working environments which allow people to relate to their peers, their work and the systems in which they find themselves in order for them to do their best work? Finance is a crucial part of any system and as such requires us to explore what being in ‘healthy relationship with finance’ means and how we can optimise it for the greater good.

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