Zena Bernacca


Zena began her career in the health service with an interest in creating new ways of working as the complexity of modern life began to make its impact forcefully on public services.

Zena Bernacca

Since then, she has worked across sectors. Throughout, developing people has been her passion, coupled with a curiosity in how we ‘manifest our future’ – never more fascinating nor more urgent than our current circumstances of how we attend to the planetary challenges that face us whilst ensuring we pay attention to our own safety and resourcefulness (emotional, cultural, spiritual, intellectual).

Zena was a co-director of Oasis School of Human Relations until 2011, when she went to work as Chief Executive Director (CED) of the Hospice Africa Uganda (HAU) complex comprising 3 hospices; an institute of higher learning; international programmes and oral liquid morphine manufacture for the whole of Uganda. This contract was to ensure infrastructure was fit for purpose and prepare the organisation for local leadership as well as scale up the oral morphine production from serving patients of HAU alone, to the whole country and to international specifications.

This joyous and challenging contract demanded the use of all her past learning as well as the opportunity of a steep learning curve; working in a multi-cultural environment with major change processes underway and embedding a facilitative leadership style that was ultimately able, with an additional OD and mentoring contract, to launch a 3-person ‘Chief Executive Team’ approach.

The inspiration that working with people gives me continues unabated; working with the questions that clients bring, I continue to deepen my understanding and appreciation of Whole Person Learning; the approach that underpins my work.

Her current work range includes organisational development; design and delivery of development programmes to Master’s level; initiating Co-operative Inquiries; and Executive Development.