Steve Dilworth


Steve Dilworth is committed to the development of individuals, groups and organisations across traditional organisational boundaries within commercial, public and voluntary sectors.

Steve Dilworth

He works with people at all levels of authority and experience, and especially with those who are in demanding roles and environments.

Over the years he has found ways of helping people to reflect on their working practice through coaching or clinical/professional supervision.

At the root of my work lies the belief that solutions are within the grasp of individuals and teams and I therefore seek to form helping alliances through which the resulting combination of skills and knowledge can support the transformation of puzzles, problems and ‘stuck-ness’ into inquiries, options and solutions.

Steve offers a safe, confidential space in which he balances support and challenge according to the situations or issues presented.

Clients can expect to feel fully supported whilst also being deeply challenged to work to their potential.

His key contribution is strong and quiet presence, being wholly with the client as they consider matters of most importance to them. He uses his listening skills to help people to hear their own thinking and his critical judgement to test their opinions, proposals or conclusions.

When I listen people say they feel truly heard – my acute attention and presence are key skills, evidenced by the way in which I will often focus upon and challenge what is not being said, as well as what is being put forward. I am fully aware that the ‘presenting’ issue might not be the ‘problematic’ issue. I can be patient and serious but frequently use my ability to find, and place appropriate attention on, situational humour, believing that seeing the funny side can help to put issues in perspective and provide insights that may otherwise be missed.

Steve brings experience of depth and breadth, this includes contributing to the development of reflective practice in prison health care settings as part of a national project; coaching and team development within the commercial sector; clinical, managerial and practice supervision with individuals and groups in the NHS.

Steve holds the title of Doctor of Professional Practice (2009). He gained this qualification through an innovative academic programme that gave prominence to the development of ‘scholarly professionals’ in contrast to ‘professional scholars’ – this emphasis reflects his deeply-held preference for applied knowledge.

He also holds an MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies, a Diploma in Humanistic Psychology and a nursing qualification.