What we do

P1140292We support organisations and individuals through one-to-one, team and organisational development, consultancy, wellbeing services and programmes.

Combining radical dialogue, a collaborative approach and meaningful action, we focus on:

  1. Enabling deep culture change within organisations, teams and groups
  2. Developing globally responsible leadership and practice
  3. Embedding social innovation (including community engagement, networking and change agency)
  4. Facilitating authentic collaboration and collaborative relationships.


Our programmes will help you develop your understanding, think differently and change your practice.

Whole Person at Work

A bespoke blend of services developing the Workplace of Tomorrow, including organisational health checks, one-to-one development, employee support and counselling, mediation and conflict resolution.

Organisational and Team Development

We work closely with organisational partners in a long-term relationship using a Whole Person Learning approach, proprietary diagnostic tools and models.

Organisations use us as consultants when engaging with culture change, significant transitions or reviewing their direction.

We are often invited to collaboratively design and implement development processes such as collaborative inquiries, governance development, peer learning groups and full circles.

Research and Innovation

We are developing new ways of learning and new forms of leadership in organisations.

Our current areas of research include the Workplace of Tomorrow, peer working, collaboration, innovation and Whole Person Learning.

We disseminate our learning through Oasis Press publications and manuals.

The most basic questions about human living – how to live and what to do – are fundamentally questions about human relations, because people’s lives are deeply connected, psychologically, economically and politically.

Carol Gilligan